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Pinner Day Nurseries 10

Dear Blue Butterfly Montessori Community

We are very proud and happy to share that we have hit a fantastic milestone… a rating of 10/10 on Day Nurseries!!

Thank you so much for reaching out and providing us with valuable feedback.

Our Team puts so much care and effort into everything we do, and feedback/reviews like this takes it to another level of an already rewarding job.

To our BBM Staff- YOU did this, your hard work, care, passion, dedication and love you put into everything you do makes our Blue Butterfly… fly high.

We would like to encourage all parents to submit a review- it supports us in making appropriate changes and continuing to provide a high level of care for your children. Most importantly, parents would like to hear from fellow parent’s. Your experience at the Nursery will guide other families to choose the right educational setting for their child.

Please click on the link below to submit a review!


Thank you again for all the support we get from our families and Staff Team.

Together we will continue to thrive and provide the children with the best possible experience in their Early Years to…. unfold · educate · inspire

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