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Parent Partnerships

Welcome to Blue Butterfly Montessori, a place where we don’t just educate children, we cultivate meaningful connections between home and nursery life.

Our cornerstone is our dedication to nurturing parent partnerships that brim with enthusiasm and engagement.

From those emotional first days at nursery, both for parents and children, to the delightful milestones and unique quirks that make each child special, we believe in sharing every moment with our parents.

Imagine your child embraced by their own personal superhero, their dedicated key person, who not only ensures they feel secure but also serves as a trusted confidante for emotional support.

With daily handovers, parents evenings and parent portal updates, we provide the tools necessary to keep you informed and involved in your child’s journey.

But that’s not all! Our regular parent gatherings are joyous occasions celebrating growth and unity.

And why should learning be confined to the nursery? Through newsletters, notice boards, and home learning materials, we ensure that the excitement of education extends seamlessly into your home.

While our focus is on nurturing young minds, we recognise the importance of shared experiences. From thrilling events to tailored workshops, we’re here to support, connect, and celebrate as a unified Blue Butterfly family.

Join us in the adventure of early education—come and discover the magic of Blue Butterfly Montessori

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