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Children show that they are very happy, safe and settled in this warm and welcoming nursery.”

Children have many opportunities to explore and investigate using a range of different materials. Babies excitedly clap and move in time to nursery rhyme


Toddlers concentrate as they pour the water from one container to another.”

Older children become ‘scientists’ when they use magnifying glasses to investigate fossils. They are curious about the lives of dinosaurs, asking

questions about how they lived and what they ate.”

Parents receive lots of information about their children’s progress. They have daily discussions with staff and have access to an online assessment

system which they really appreciate. This helps to keep parents up to date with their children’s learning.”

Children’s language development is developing well.”

Older children begin to make meaningful marks using a range of writing implements. Many children can write their names and read simple words.”

Children understand how to keep themselves healthy. They learn about good dental hygiene and the importance of eating a good diet.”

Staff and children learn from each other about various festivals and the wide variety of cultures that they come from. They share vocabulary in different


Staff feel well supported by managers and are happy in their roles.”