Nature • Nurture • Nourish

1. Nature

At Blue Butterfly Montessori we promote gross motor skills through ample of opportunity for outdoor exploration and play. By exposing the children to the outdoor environment, through local outings and exploring our rich garden space, we believe it gives children a better understanding of the world and environment around them. Montessori ethos highlights the importance for children to respect the environments around them, we wish to instil this mindset within children for the outdoor and indoor facilities.

To further the children’s appreciation, we encourage the children to grow fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs in our allotment. We believe that when the children take responsibility for these processes, it not only helps them to understand general knowledge of lifecycles but also gives them a sense of achievement and accountability for their environment.

2. Nurture

Through strong attachments we believe that this aids our children to grow physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, culturally, and spiritually. Feeling comfortable in their environment, means for an ability to focus and learn, increased self-esteem and confidence.

To ensure we are inclusive daily we provide opportunities that are nurturing and challenging to all levels of development. We want all children to grow and develop to the best of their ability and feel supported in doing so. Our wide range of extra-curricular classes will motivate different interests and passions within our range of children to help contribute to them finding their own future vocation.

3. Nourish

As a vegetarian, egg free nursery we believe in a wholesome balanced diet to ensure that our children are receiving all nourishment needed for a healthy lifestyle. Through oral health incentives, physical wellbeing activities and giving them the responsibility to grow their own foods we actively teach children about the importance of nutrition.

Seasonal menus are reviewed and altered every six months and our cooked meals are prepared fresh, on-site, every day by our talented kitchen staff.

We believe mealtimes to be an opportunity for communication and promoting social skills. In line with the Montessori approach of self-independence and British values of Mutual Respect we promote manners and mealtime etiquette throughout the rooms. In addition to this, following further Montessori methodology children are encouraged to self-serve, prepare the tables and wash their cutlery when stage appropriate. To continue to strengthen our parent partnerships we share our chef’s popular recipes on our Kitchen staff board as well as organising relevant events for parents to sample our mealtime experience and menu.

For those children with allergies, we cater for this by following our strict policies and procedures and implementing an ‘allergen menu’ which we provide nutritional and tasty alternatives.