Understanding the world, Mathematics, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics

Children are gradually introduced to computers as they get older which they can enjoy using for educational games as well as for supporting areas of interest within the curriculum. Digital cameras are also available for children to use in exploring their environment. We will have specialist teachers conducting weekly lessons for ICT for children 2 years and over.

Expressive Arts and Design, Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics

A generous range of musical instruments are readily available, and teachers incorporate these into singing sessions regularly with the children. Specialist music teachers are also employed to initiate a love of music and the instruments. Music itself is a great teacher and revealed of children’s natural character and sensibility. Our classrooms are also equipped with CD Players which children can enjoy for a variety of music, nursery rhymes and stories.

Physical Development, Communication and Language, Personal Social and Emotional, Mathematics

Specialist teachers are employed weekly to encourage physical movement and make exercise fun. We place great importance on physical education which is essential in developing children’s motor skills to support learning. We recognise the early childhood years as the period where children develop habits and lifestyles that continue into adult life.

Blue Butterfly Montessori is passionate about helping children understand more clearly, the vital roles physical exercise and nutrition play in their development and future health. During a recent staff training day, permanent staff were trained in the skill of ‘children’s yoga’. These physical and mindful wellbeing techniques are implemented through all rooms weekly.

Communication and Language, Understanding of the World

Languages will be introduced to our pre-school children aged 2.5-5years in ‘Blue Butterflies’ with the help of an experience teacher.