Outstanding OfstedA full copy of our Ofsted Inspection Report can be viewed by clicking the link below:



“Children make the best possible progress.”

“Teaching is excellent. Staff interact with great skill to adapt challenges that suit each individual child.”

“Children are confident and highly motivated to learn. They demonstrate vibrant social skills, good manners, and high levels of independence and self confidence.”

“All children develop excellent communication and language skills.”

“Children enjoy an exceptionally well organised variety of age-appropriate and stimulating resources and available learning experiences.”

“Children are happy and settled. Staff meet all children’s personal needs extremely well”

“The leaders and staff have established excellent partnerships working with parents and a wide range of other professionals.”

“…parents greatly appreciate the exceptional amount of safety measures for children with severe allergies.”

“Children also develop excellent behaviour and social skills.”

“Staff maintain a very safe and secure environment, and support children closely in learning how to keep themselves safe and to develop healthy lifestyles.”

“Highly qualified staff use their knowledge, skills and experience extremely well to support children’s learning and development.”

“The management team and staff continually reflect on their practice to ensure they offer high-quality care and exceptional learning experiences.”