Natural Light

Spacious rooms have been custom designed for pre-school children with an emphasis on natural light. Research confirms that children are energised by natural daylight and actually progress faster in classrooms where natural light is maximised.

Quality Everywhere, Everything ……. a New Blueprint

Our approach to the planning of our classrooms represents the current and modern fundamental shift away from the traditional layouts. Children require as much flexibility as adults expect and this is reflected in our free-flowing classroom layouts which are structured primarily for the benefit of the child with clearly defined areas to support; learning, rest, play and social interaction.

Our commitment to quality is as present in our choice of furniture to invite a child’s curiosity and subsequent learning as it is in the way our learning resources are displayed. Children enjoy in the learning resources themselves, the full range of authentic Montessori materials, from sandpaper letters for language to the globe of the continents for geography.

Bringing the Indoors Outside

Our own private and secure garden/play area, set in mature grounds is created to stimulate outdoor learning, allowing children to connect with nature, be more active, and improve their social interaction skills. One corner of the play area is home to a nature garden with a vegetable growing patch together with plant and flower growing area. A shelter is in place to ensure that the children are always able to enjoy fresh air and connect with the outdoors whatever the weather, because outside play is important too!

Comfort and Joy …… Born From Safety

The safety and security of children is assured with a cutting edge 16-point camera CCTV system which covers the external areas of the building as well as the internal. Pre-authorised family members of registered children are welcome at any time, but a strict security check system is in place for all visitors to the nursery.

The Home Nursery Connection …… A Closer Partnership

We offer parents our own private car park with several spaces on the premises for ease of drop off and collection as the ‘school run’ should neither be an inconvenience nor a burden due to access restrictions. Our car park facility represents the first step in building the home-nursery connection. We are keen to emphasise our relationship with parents as partners in the education of their child. We therefore encourage and invite parents into Blue Butterfly Montessori to form a closer relationship with our teachers and dedicated support team.