child-nature-big-ResizedSalle des Bijoux (The Room of Jewels) is our dedicated Baby Room at Blue Butterfly Montessori where we welcome babies from 3 months old through to around 15 months.

We appreciate that your child is the most precious thing in the world to you and your family. Salle des Bijoux has been carefully designed specifically with infants in mind with a strong emphasis on coming as close as possible to the homely family oriented atmosphere infants are accustomed to.

Your baby will receive a lot of attention and individual care from our staff who have all been selected for their dedication and expertise within this age range. Their training and natural love of babies distinguishes them as specialist teachers in their own right within the critical pre-toddler period.

baby-big-ResizedWe adopt a Key Person approach to caring for your baby. This means the same person looks after your baby all day, every day (unless they are away from work, in which case there is a co-key person, who knows your baby well and can take over). We understand that babies respond well to having a consistent, familiar and special person to care for them in the same way that their mother or father would at home. Your baby’s Key Person will form a special bond with him or her. They will learn about your baby’s individual preferences and plan a gentle routine, following his or her established routine for meal times and sleeping to ensure a smooth transition between home and nursery.

Maria Montessori’s concept for infants is called ‘Nido’ which is an Italian wording meaning ‘nest’. The Nido protects and provides learning experiences for babies from three months to between 15 and 18 months. Our Montessori infant environment can be considered an adapting continuum between two basic needs of the developing infant. On one hand is the bonded relationship between adult and child, whilst on the other is support for a growing sense of self and independence. The prepared environment is characterized by order, simplicity and beauty which meet the needs of the child.

Heuristic discovery play is encouraged using treasure baskets, mobiles, tactile activities (messy play) and music to ensure babies explore real objects to develop their senses and satisfy their natural curiosity. Songs, rhymes, stories and books are all part of the daily routines.

shoes-big-ResizedSalle des Bijoux is distinguished more by which items and equipment are left out, rather than by those which are included. Items are generally not included if they are known to inhibit natural development. Infants are instead guided by carefully selected furniture and materials to develop emerging senses aided by quality toys to invite and sustain curiosity. Whilst babies learn by mouthing objects, as they grow and develop, they learn to use their hands. They will very often develop a fascination for grouping items in order of interest.

Salle des Bijoux is divided into five areas: movement, eating, sleeping, physical care and outside. The room has its own easy access double door opening out into our private secure garden and play area. The focus of our infant environment is on fostering basic trust in the child. Foremost within the environment is the adult whose caring, attentive response to the infant’s needs, both physical and psychological, conveys the message of unconditional love and acceptance.

Your baby will enjoy happy stimulating days in Salle Des Bijoux with plenty of time for discovery, play, fresh air and sleep, but most important of all: lots of attention and affection!

The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth. From this almost mystic affirmation, there comes what may seem a strange conclusion: that education must start at birth – Dr Maria Montessori