Our Curriculum


Boy with AbacusThe Montessori approach which has been used successfully for over a hundred years, seeks to provide organised play as a means of promoting specific skills and concepts and is very much at one with the EYFS view of learning. In particular, both see observation of children as central to promoting their learning and development.

The learning environments presented by Blue Butterfly Montessori are structured and organised in such a way that children learn through all the senses.

Our Montessori curriculum identifies six key areas of activity which encompass the six areas of learning and development identified and accepted in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). These are namely:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Cultural
  • Creative

Sprouting TreeUnder Extra-Curricular activities, we aim to introduce children to ICT, French, Music and Physical Excercise through specialist teachers.

Children participate in specific experiences using practical materials which are designed to develop manipulative skills. Within the Montessori environment, real experience is understood to be the source of all learning.

We have ensured that our Montessori Teachers and assistants are supported by the full complement of authentic Montessori materials, quality educational toys and associated early years play equipment. In turn, we feel this gives every child attending our setting the best possible chance to flourish and attain their full potential.

In our holistic Montessori curriculum we strive for excellence in all areas and hope families are able to learn more about what makes Blue Butterfly Montessori … the place to begin.