Healthy Mealtimes

We believe that every child attending Blue Butterfly Montessori deserves to eat seasonal, freshly prepared, nutritious and natural vegetarian food. We are against the preservatives, additives and chemicals so prevalent in the pre-prepared foods available in supermarkets today.

We emphasize a vegetarian diet for all children in our care as we believe in the long term health benefits of a diet rich in natural fruit and vegetables. The years from birth to adolescence are when eating habits are set, when growth rates are high, and to a large extent when the size of stores of essential nutrients such as calcium are determined.

We are committed to preparing healthy, fresh, nutritious, balanced menus which give children variety and choice; energy foods, foods for growth, tasty foods and foods to encourage independent eating. The principles of planning a vegetarian diet are the same as planning any healthy diet: We aim to provide a variety of meals and include nutrients from all of the food groups. A balanced diet provides the right combinations to meet nutritional needs. We hope to surprise parents with our variety of exciting vegetarian options!

We strive to make mealtimes fun to instill a lifelong love of wholesome, natural foods. Blue Butterfly Montessori is also passionate about helping children understand more clearly, the vital role nutrition plays in their development and future health.