At Blue Butterfly, we understand that every step your child takes on their learning journey is important. We aim to embed values from as early as 3 months old through to five years that will contribute to our children aspiring to become well-rounded & well-educated young people.

Our daily planning and learning style are centred around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which includes the following seven areas of learning:

In addition to this wide curriculum, we incorporate ‘In the Moment Planning’; which documents child and adult led activities. We often find that when children present independence and are encouraged to select their own learning focus, they maintain higher levels of interest and engagement. Staff will observe and interact with children as they pursue their own interests and will build on these experiences’ day by day through adult-led intervention as well as choregraphing special events and celebrations. We very much believe in the ethos of “Observe today, Plan tomorrow”.