Upon reopening our focus will entirely be on the safety of the children, staff and parents of Blue Butterfly Montessori and establishing a stable routine that supports the wellbeing of all individuals in our care. We are following Government advice meticulously and will be guided by them and the science, following that to keep safe whilst being flexible and supporting children back to nursery.

Our policies and procedures will be revised as restrictions are lifted.

We have developed procedures that we will all need to follow so that your children can start to return to nursery from 1st June.

  • Only the staff team and children are allowed in the building.
  • Please keep 2m apart when waiting outside and follow the markings on the floor.
  • Everyone entering the building must wash their hands. Anti-bacterial dispensers are provided for staff around the nursery walls. PPE provided for all staff members.
  • The Department for Education has confirmed that it does not expect providers to keep all children two metres away from each other, or to care for children while remaining two metres away, as this is simply not possible. The guidance says we should keep them in small consistent groups e.g bubbles with the same peers and team.
  • All of the team have completed a Covid19 safety course to ensure they are aware of how to stay safe. As well as reading and signing documentation.
  • Hand washing will be more frequent and we will be wiping down high used areas more regularly too.
  • Rooms will be adapted to ensure we can clean them effectively and we’ve removed any toys or furnishings that difficult to wipe clean.
  • Our Nursery Cleaners will complete a thorough deep clean of all areas regularly.
  • We are ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ method.
  • If a child or member of the team has a new persistent cough and/or temperature of 37.5 or above, they will be sent home to self-isolate for 7 days.
  • PPE will only be worn at certain times throughout the day.

Entering/ Leaving the nursery

  • Parents to stand 2m distance outside nursery, markings to be made outside the nursery as guidance.
  • Only one parent, who is symptom free, is permitted to drop off / pick up.
  • When entering the premises; staff are required to wash and anti-bac their hands, put on an apron and gloves, then sign in. Visor (PVC face shield) will be available.
  • Visors must be worn at points at which staff are in close contact with children including; pick up/ drop off, mealtimes and nappy changes. It is optional as to whether they wish to wear these throughout the course of each day.
  • We do not have space to operate a 1-way system throughout corridors so those inside the nursery will be required to stay 2m apart where possible and limit time in the communal areas.
  • When parents arrive to collect, they must remain 2m apart outside. Management will call the room and staff will bring children down to entrance.
  • Parents of small babies will be allowed to hand babies over to staff on arrival.

This is a new way of working for us all. However, we have to be guided by the Government and their advice. We may learn something new each day and so will keep everyone informed and updated.

Registered Parents: If you would like to view our most recent version of our COVID-19 Policy, please contact your Branch Management Team.

World Health Organization (WHO) video about Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)